From the start, SUPERVISOR SA, had a direct and productive cooperation with accountants and client accounting offices. Taking their help into consideration, we managed to provide our clients with far better solutions covering their computerizing needs. In collaboration with EPSILONNET (market leader holding the 50% percent) in the accounting offices market, we have the ability to offer a series of privileges and special offers to the accounting offices.

Discount in Maintenance Contracts

Depending the variety of applications and the subscription services that accounting offices avail, can be differentiate in


Have a constant discount up to 20% in maintenance contracts yearly

Introduce and gain

In addition, you could introduce us to your clients and could instantly gain both from our special promotion activities and from our point system that can insure a discount up to 100% in your contracts and club 365

Cash with:

  • Free maintenance contracts
  • Free software & network
  • Free admission to seminars
  • Free books


  • Gain points in € up to 30% of the value of your client’s support contract. *Gold members 30% | Silver members 20% | Members 10%
  • Insure your clients with the top support of SUPERVISOR and with the quality of the EPSILONET programs.
  • 50% discount in all top applications of the new PYLON platform when uninstalling obsolete programs.


SUPERVISOR SA strengthens the collaboration with the accounting offices and offers special services for full coverage of your computerizing needs. Any accounting software you may have, we can provide you with Club 365 supporting your office and inform you closely concerning the way we may cooperate. With 1€ daily you can have support for your applications.



Club 365 covers all supporting need of Accounting Offices

  • Unlimited communication support (Help Desk),
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Upgrade of new editions
  • Information clients for offers

What is more, we provide you with:

10hour Free Service in your office for: Installation, Education, Applying or Maintaining the EPSILONET applications, as well as Hardware Services.

The service’s working hours are: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00. It covers Business and Accounting applications, as well as Payroll applications up to 3 work seats. The duration of club365 contract is yearly. VAT is not included in the prices.

CLUB365 entitles you to use rewarding vouchers to cash its service.

For further information please contact us. Telephone: 2108175000 or email:sales{at}supervisor{dot}gr.