ALERT SERVER is by far the most advanced product that provides paging services. It ensures the automatic mechanism to create and send notifications using SMS, Emails for determining occurrences that are created in the informative system of the company. The aim of Alert Server is to import data from any source, their promotion and export, as well as the automatic information of chosen users for this procedure so as to be aware of the recent reports.

The import of the data happens through a list of works, which can be related to different type of data. Every import can be programmed in advanced or depending the choice of the user and can create a momentary data, a full image of the system information in a particular moment. The export of the data can happen from a desktop application that includes adapting the application. The information of the users can be done through email, SMS, push notification on a smartphone.


  • Gross profit per order.
  • Turnover per day/month/year.
  • Comparing report of Stock data.
  • Different report per user.
  • Balance of the client.
  • Active contracts.
  • Cash flow.
  • Detailed report using excel file.
  • Data import from files or SQL Server data base.
  • Time programmed input of data daily, monthly, yearly.
  • Update using email, SMS for prices above the limits that have already been defined.