Asset Management is an application that allows the registration and management of all the fixed assets of the company. It provides the ability to register the total amount of the fixed assets, also their connection to the employees of the company or the branch office. Moreover, the application enables not only the registration of the fixed assets, but also their follow up if there is any change in their condition comparing to the inventory.



Using RFID technology of Barcode

icon-checkAbility to reflect the organizational structure of a company group, with branch offices and actual places storing fixed assets.

icon-checkTotal inventorial and budgeting follow up of fixed assets

icon-checkConnection to the Accounting software concerning the fixed assets with vice versa information

icon-checkConnection of the fixed assets to employees

icon-checkDiary of inventories and comparison to accounting or physical inventories


Providing equipment

  • Αsset Management Software
  • RF  Scanner
  • RF  Labels