The new innovatory online application in and out of the office used by all Smartphones and Tablet that run on Android or iOS.

The new product appeals to companies that care any size of Sales Department, to Trading & Distributing Products companies, to Service Provision companies, also to every company that seeks to share further information while its staff is in motion.

SUPERVISOR SA has invested in the area of Customer Relationship Managements (C.R.M.) since 2002, creating the Footsteps application in collaboration with Microsoft, as Microsoft Gold Partner. Additionally, having the valuable experience in organizing Sales Department & Support Clients, as well as Taking Orders Procedure, After Sales Support, Field Service and

Benefits for the company

  • Automation and acceleration of the Sales Cycle (taking orders, merchandising, issuing invoices.
  • Lessen the time of processing orders and distributing products.
  • Lessen the cost of supporting the Sales & Technical Department.
  • Distant meeting/projects and testing results.
  • Minimizing mistakes.
  • Better and more rapid check of cash flow.
  • Improves the organization and the functioning of the Sales, Service, Merchandising Departments.
  • More efficient reporting for the Administration through extended reports concerning Sales and effectiveness of the Salesmen.



The Mobile CRM features are summarized as follows:

  • Handy and friendly environment.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Minimizing the volume of transferred data to use.
  • Compact mechanisms and synchronizing only the changes.
  • Storing data locally on the device for offline use.

Mobile CRM has been designed, so as to offer online information and great effectiveness in the way that suits the needs of a contemporary business.

Mobile CRM is based on HTML5 technology, operates in every Smartphone & Tablet with Android or iOS, likewise in every personal computer that Safari or Google Chrome is installed.

Future definitely belongs to the business that takes advantage of the mobile information. Technology and infrastructure already exist, while SUPERVISOR guarantees for the success of every small or more complex project concerning the individual need of your business.


Demo edition of Mobile CRM you can find in the following: