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The successful solutions that measure the satisfaction of your customers and assures the constant improvement of your clients applied internationally!

“HappyOrNot help us to have pleased customers and enhance the team spirit making our daily job more enjoyable – Magnus Feldt, Dixons Retail”Magnus Feldt, Dixons Retail-

. HappyOrNot is an effective solution because:

icon-checkit improves the service standards and the reliability of your clients.

icon-checkSupport your employees and the accomplishment of your goals.

icon-checkIt increases the competitiveness of your business.

icon-checkIt provides instant and thorough enterprising information that enables you to make customer centered decisions.

Awarded solution for its unique convenient use and simplicity in its application!

The devices.

The counters HappyOrNot are installed in a preferable point. They are instantly operational, without any preparation.


smileys_1_wirelessWireless connection – cables or internet aren’t required

smileys_2_batteries Autonomy – it has got batteries that are able to be used 3 ongoing years

icon-checkAlways available – To gather information from your clients

Web Smileys

Install it in your website and inquire further concerning your on line image


smileys-web_1_mood It senses the user while interacting on your website

smileys-web_2_placement It makes the use of your site piece of cake

smileys-web_3_questionsEasy change questions

Smart reports and statistical data through Cloud – Based. The brain of service

It encourages and motivates your staff to achieve its goals, update its daily use improving the experience of the client


icon-check24/7 Access for unlimited number of users

icon-checkIt sends results directly to your mail.


Reports and Statistics

It provides you with concluding results quickly, supporting and upgrading your business decisions.

Comparable physical and electronic statistic results.

report_2_trending Data sorting

report_3_time Results per hour, day, week, month, year

That becomes a full package administrating the satisfaction of your customers, giving you both the certainty of effective performance of your services and the constant ideas to act in short and long term.

Engaging customers – employees – team spirit.

We help you inspire your customers and your employees, exchanging ready results through ready-made Customer Interaction Reports. The Common use motivates your staff to offer daily a great experience to your clients while trusting your commercial brand name.
icon-check 24/7 Access for unlimited number of users

icon-checkIt sends results directly to your mail.


Interactive customer statistics

HappyOrNot applies instantly the satisfaction between customers and employees as fundamental indicator of your business successful performance. It builds relationships between customers and employees, making communication and interaction easier for the company and the customers.


analyze_1_trust It builds a trusting relationship through interaction
analyze_2_care It shows your customers that you actually care.

analyze_3_success It gives you the most valuable feature for the image of your business.



Friendly and hospitable, it operates in all business environments and encourages interaction from every one.



The satisfaction of your customers indicates your future success and the analysis of the performance in constant serviceability which is the key to it.



See the results and pinpoint the improvement needs for the success of your company HappyOrNot is used internationally by the largest of the companies