FOOTSTEPS is an innovatory CRM application that is directed at the middle sized business. It administrates and controls the existing or future enterprising actions, aiming at maximizing sales and profitability through excellent individually – applied communication and control internal systems.

The program integrates accurately the internal procedure, it covers excellently the document management operations, protocol and internal communication. It is easy to use, friendly and includes special functions for more than 10 vertical markets of the contemporary Greek business.

Competitive advantages

    • It contains innovatory elements that respond to the needs of the Greek market in a way that spares the daily working hours in the job positions
    • It provides an extended ability to filter the base and the export of the different format and layout per user
    • It offers unique advantages in printing, with a vice versa communication to the same application and Microsoft Office, creating excel cubes.
    • It can easily get connected to Windows, Windows Server and Call Centers
    • It is multi business and operates simultaneously in various languages.
    • It is absolutely parametric with the ability to create different images per user, in design, fields, text and royalty access.
    • It integrates and cooperates on line with external applications.
    • It connects using its own platform to any program.
    • It is compatible with smart IP Avaya call centers.
    • It is supported by the widest Greek network of business associates.
    • It integrates SUPERVISOR’s experience from the numerous installations in a wide range of business activities, despite kind and size.