It is directed at everyone that finds themselves outdoors, paying visits to existing or possible clients, such as sales representatives, medical sales representatives, sales inspectors, business advisors, survey advisors etc.

  • Flexibility: Provides instant and in time information anytime, anywhere
  • Efficiency: Provides you with information for your clients on your mobile and instantly organizes the new orders using less time
  • Productivity: Mobile Managing Orders of SUPERVISOR is totally adjustable and able to attribute productivity benefits, making life easier for your external associates and enabling you greatly in managing your business.



It is compatible with PDA devices operating on Windows Mobile 5 or 6.


  • Clients Data.
  • Competition data.
  • Appointments of the sales representatives in clients (new appointments or updating from CRM Footsteps).
  • Taking prices by comparing cooperating or competitive products or clientele.
  • Marketing actions or Service sending relevant works in Technical Department.
  • Application and rest collaboration issues.
  • Ability to use a camera or GPS location for tracking the whereabouts of the client and sending photos.