It is directed at the salesmen of every company that find themselves outdoors and are able to administrate new orders through their mobile phone.

  • Flexibility: Provides instant and in time information anytime, anywhere
  • Efficiency: Provides you with information for your clients on your mobile and instantly organizes the new orders using less time
  • Productivity: Mobile Managing Orders of SUPERVISOR is totally adjustable and able to attribute productivity benefits, making life easier for your external associates and enabling you greatly in managing your business.


Handsome Young Businessman Using Digital Tablet in Car

The application covers:

  • Easy placing of order.
  • Support multiple methods using barcodes or the last order, offer of the month, initial input, etc.
  • Temporary storage of the order.
  • Check the cap balance of the clients, stock, etc.
  • Automatic update, to and from, the back office business applications like ERP or CRM of the company.
  • Automatic procedure approving price changing, discounts or payment.
  • Gift administration.