Newsletter and Direct Marketing are the informative report that can promote both company’s products and services. The Newsletter material can be send regularly or sporadically consisting of news, reports, offers, information, useful advice, answers to frequent questions, even warnings, but always keeping its informative features.

Every businessman that wishes to offer quality to his clients (possible or existing), is obliged to update his installed data. The most essential need of all the companies, especially the companies that carry a wide range of possible or existing clientele, is that frequent communication for Sales, Marketing, Offers, Informative matters should happen quick, easy and with little cost.



As we all comprehend, it is vital to establish mass send-receive procedures.

SUPERVISOR SA based on innovatory applications, has developed information methodologies and promotion procedures, in a way that has transformed communication among clients into a creative procedure.

Regularly and whenever you think necessary, you can process possible or existing lists of clients with a variety of criteria and you can program in time mass shipping of informative faxes, emails, SMS or letters.