RFID is an automatic system that collects information allowing businesses and customers to move and read data wireless. It operates on radio waves to identify and trace the place of the objects in order to promote them accordingly. It fills the gap of BARCODE applications that will replace in future.

It offers full automation, quick and unmistakable measurement of the stock, fine operation in any conditions, reading and copying the labels with additional elements, great resistance, visual contact is needless.


Depending on the product or the process we seek to achieve, there are two categories:

  • Passive antenna and microchip
  • Active – antenna, microchip and battery.Also divided into:
    • HF (High Frequency)
    • UHF (Ultra High Frequency)

Depending on the demands of the application to read RFID labels, there are antennas and RFID readers portable and stable, adapted to special mechanisms, collection tables of information or GATES.

SUPERVISOR SA can provide you with integrated solutions in RFID area, being supported by its consultants, ranging from advisory services, solution propositions, installation of complex collection and processing data projects and transfer of expendable RFID labels.


Benefits for the use of RFID

  • Process automation.
  • Low cost of the necessary investment.
  • Minimize the mistakes – minimize human intervention.
  • High ROI.
  • Data transfer in real time.
  • Easy trace of the products distantly.
  • Fast and frequent inventories.
  • Ability to recall false batches safely.
  • Minimize repeated orders.
  • Automatic administration of fixed assets.
  • Knowing the exact quantity of the stock and data of the company.
  • Wise shipping – Automatic control.
  • Register information concerning the service and history of devices. Lower the operation cost.
  • Register of the product transfer automatically.
  • Decrease the inventory mistakes and time.