Our company has founded in 1988 and mainly focuses on the careful, direct and quality service of our customers. As a result, we are developing steadily avoiding excessive rhythms.We believe in quality and consistency, for this reason our team consists of skilled people that show respect both to our clients and our associates. While being founded forcefully with fine growth, besides our technically, educationally and professionally skilled personnel,
we have adopted a series of special products and solutions using by far the most advanced tools of the contemporary market. In SUPERVISOR, our notion is that every company, despite its economic size and financial turnover, is eligible to optimize modern technology, thus we aim in developing quality, contemporary, inter temporal informative systems that are handy and accessible for every user.


Our Vision

The coverage of the IT needs of our customers, with the most modern and productive manner that allows …

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our people

Given that knowledge is created and maintained by people and simply supported by equipment and …

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Important milestones of SUPERVISOR A.E. are the dates that mark the upward trend ….

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  • Installation services, Educational, Parametrization και maintenance services
  • Telecommunication Support of Customers (Help Desk)
  • Remote Support
  • Technical Support Services Hardware (Installation Networks Computer)
  • Services uninterrupted operation, Support Services)
  • Telephone Customer Support (Help Desk)

Custom Application Development (Software Analysis and Design, Analysis & Design Software)

  • Project Management Services (Project Management)
  • Special Services: Development Consultants, Payroll Edition, Consulting Subsidies